Monday, January 28, 2013

Australia: Sydney Free Walking Tour

After taking a quick shower after arrival in the hostel, went to the common area. Got some brochures and saw a FREE walking Tour.

I met a fellow guest of the hostel named David. He was with his friends Dean and Joe. So we heeded to the START POINT of the tour near the Circular Quay Railway Station .

Based from the map guide- we just have to look for a guy in RED SHIRT. Many guests were already waiting for the guide too, since nobody in RED shirt came, I managed to sneak a peek inside the Old Library Museum. Inside you will see a minature of entire Sydney and much more. Had to go to the restroom too.

 A miniature Sydney on glass top.

Went outside after a few minutes. Still no guy in Red shirt, took some pics with the Bridge on background.

David, Joe and Dean
After a few minutes, the guy in Red Shirt came. We started the walking Tour.

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