Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sorsogon: A trip to Donsol from Legazpi City and Encounter with the Butandings(Whale sharks)

I arrived at the terminal at around 515 am. I looked for the van for Donsol. I guess I was the first one to arrive. There were no Vans yet. After about 15 minutes, a van arrived. I asked what time would it depart and the driver said we had to wait until all seats are taken. Oh, oh..what a long wait. I guessed I was too early. I waited for another hour until another passenger arrived. It was already past 6 am in the morning. Another couple arrived and we decided to just split the fare so we could leave. They agreed. Luckily there were 5 more who arrived. Since it was too late already we told the driver that we should go. I just paid  Php 200 as my share for the fare. ( Actually transport cost to Donsol via a Van for hire is only 80 php ).

Travel time was about 2 1/2 hours. I catnapped within the travel since I had no proper sleep. We arrived in Donsol at almost 9 in the morning. I went directly to the Donsol Tourist Office and inquired if what time is the next boat for the Whaleshark tour. Fortunately there was one that would leave in 3 minutes. I asked how much would I pay. I was told it would cost me Php 1,800. There are already 2 couples waiting: One Japanese couple and another Australian couple and I would be the 5th passenger and we would go. So excited, I paid and changed clothes. 

A view of Mayon from the terminal

The whale shark guide directed me to a dive shop and told me to fit a pair of fins and mask and snorkel. I thought it was for free. But the lady asked me for P 450 pesos. I told them I brought my own snorkel and I would just pay for the fins. It cost Php 300. Well since its needed so I paid. We boarded the motor banca and fortunately after about 5 minutes we saw a couple of whale sharks. The tour guide would tell us every time to 'GET READY- (If we see some Butandings) and JUMP". We did it for several times. It was quite exhausting. I jumped to the water for only about 5 times and seeing 4-5 Butandings. I just relaxed on the banca while other passengers were enjoying swimming after the whale-sharks.


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