Thursday, March 15, 2012

JAPAN: First Time in Osaka

Booking a Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Osaka and return  was one of the requirements for a Japanese Visa. Got a Visa thru Universal Holiday Tours- the only Japan Visa accredited agency in Cebu. After getting my Visa, I read from the internet that it was practical to get an unlimited Railway pass - JR Pass for your train travel since transportation are quite expensive in Japan. After having got the pass, I was ready to fly.

Arrived at Kansai International Airport at around 10PM. Since it was my first time to Osaka, picked up an Osaka Railway Map and asked where is the JR Train to Osaka. Using my JR Pass I was directed to a train wth Japan Railways logo from the airport. I had no hotel booking yet. Days before I left,  I searched in the internet for a hotel and the cheapest was near  Shin-Imamiya Station. (JPY 1500/ 750 php per night non-aircon, since it was almost winter time-December 2011 there was no need for air-con).  With only the hotel address and direction, I boarded the train and change trains in one intersection. Trains in Osaka are quite complicated. There are plenty of train companies and most have the same color. It took me about 2 days to get the hang of changing trains. I would always ask which train would leave in the Customer service.

4 day All Day pass
The very useful Osaka guide map
The JR Airport Train

After about 45 minutes I stopped at Shin-Imamiya Station.
A few minutes from the station , I found the hotel. It's a Japanese style Tatami-room (mattress on floor with TV and heater with shared bathroom options for Western or Japanese style). It also has a Japanese bath.

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