Friday, March 16, 2012

Bacolod: Mambukal Resort- Ascending the 7 Falls

After a heavy-snack (rice with chicken inasal), I was ready to go up to the 7 falls. It was already past 5 pm. There was a guide who volunteered to accompany me. I wrote my name in the manifest and so we started to climb.

We passed by a hanging bridge and after a few minutes we found the first waterfalls.

First Waterfalls

The 7th Falls
It was already past 6pm when we reached the 7th falls thru uphill and downhill trek. My Flash did not work out. Low-batt. Since it was more than an hour of uphill trek on rocky terrain, I was no longer willing to go down walking. Glad there were plenty of habal-habal near the 7th falls. I took one and my guide rode on another. it was really so rocky that it took almost half an hour to go down.

I changed clothes since I was soaked wet with perspiration. After a few minutes I took dinner at the cafeteria and went to the dipping pool. The hot spring water was so inviting that I dipped in for 30 minutes. Entrance fee was php 50.

It was about 8pm and I went back to my tent. I roamed around with fellow campers and a few minutes I laid flat on my back asleep.

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