Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bacolod: A Night in Mambukal Resort

From the ruins I went straight to the Capitol. From the Capitol I took a jeep to Libertad Street (php 7). I boarded the minibus bound for Mambukal Resort (php 35)

At Mambukal Resort, I paid entrance fee (php 50). I asked for available room but it was a Saturday and all rooms were full. I asked what option could I take since going back to Bacolod City for sleeping is about 1 1/2 hour. The staff told me if it was okay to stay on a TENT. I said I would try.

Rent of the tent was php 400. Literally you are sleeping on the ground. Just a thin sheet of clothing covered the ground. Good if ground was flat surface but it was not.

I was not alone actually using a tent. There were several others also camping out.After setting up my tent in the woods, I explored the resort. I was interested in going to the 7 waterfalls. Before I climbed up to the falls I felt hungry so I passed by the cafeteria.

Chicken Inasal with pineapple juice @Enting's ( php135)

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