Friday, February 17, 2012

Brunei : Day 2

After a very tiring first day in Brunei, I woke up at about 10 in the morning. My host , Aimi told me that she could not tour me around because she had to work. Instead she told me her brother , Dodo would come to fetch me.

In Brunei public transportation is quite difficult. Their is a public bus that will cost you about 1 Brunei dollar to every destination. And it is scheduled. There is also a TAXI but it is very expensive. The best option will be to negotiate with car owners and rent them for a day. Rent is from 20 to 50 BND. (approx 700-  1500 pesos inclusive of gasoline. ) Gasoline is cheaper- about 60 cents per liter compared to a bottled water which costs 1 BND per bottle.  

Most people in Brunei have cars. Every family has either 2 or 3 cars. Second hand cars are very cheap (older models ), cost about 500-1000 BND only so its seldom you can see  Bruneians taking public transport. In streets you can seldom see people walking. 

Another positive aspect in Brunei is their socialized housing and car acquisition. Because they are a very rich country, every Bruneian who has a stable job can acquire a house or car thru banks and they can pay it at their convenience even if it takes long. If they don't like their old cars they can trade it in for the latest model. How I wish we have that same situation in the Philippines.

So after taking a hot shower, I took a Mi Goreng ( Noodles ) from the cafeteria downstairs while waiting for my guide cum driver. After 30 minutes he arrived and we started touring downtown Brunei.

The first thing that I look for in a new place is electronics, so we went to a Mall with all the latest in computers and electronics and I compared the prices. Some were more expensive than in Philippines but almost all were made in China.

We visited also a Catholic Church in Bandar. (sad to say I forgot the name ).

Then we went to a mall to have lunch and after that toured around Bandar (city ).

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