Saturday, February 18, 2012

China: HK to Gunagzhou

China Import and Export Fair is held twice a year either March or April  and September or October. This is a gathering of all the suppliers in China exhibiting all their products from electronics to plastic ware to automobiles, clothes and everything. As they always say, "Almost everything now is Made in China". I wanted to attend to see the latest in technology as well as to source out for new suppliers and learn more about solar panels.

In going to Guangzhou, you need to have a China Visa. Application is just easy. Just fill out the form, provide a booked round trip ticket as well a hotel booking , 2 pcs of picture 2 x 2, your passport and pay 1200 for single entry or 2500 for double entry. Processing takes about 5 working days.

The easiest way to go to Guangzhou is via Hongkong or you can take a direct flight from Manila to Guangzhou. For me Hongkong is more convenient  as you have plenty of options to do after the fair. 

@ Hong Kong Airport. gates were closed since we arrived at past 1 am already. Trains will start at 5 in the morning.
From the airport you take a train to go to Hong Hum Station. In Hong Hum Station there is an express train to Guangzhou. It costs around 150 HKD. The interval is every hour. But during China Fair, there are plenty of passengers since this is an International gathering of suppliers and buyers.

 On board the express train. There are food on board to choose from usually Rice Toppings. Cost starts at 50- 100 HKD. You get one complimentary bottled water.

Upon arrival in Guangzhou Station, there  are plenty of hotel representatives with free shuttle. It depends upon your budget. I asked if there was a USD 10 per night and they laughed. Since there is a fair rates are partly doubled to tripled. I got the 50 USD per night. There is a free shuttle from the hotel to the Fair because it is quite far. about 30 minutes if traffic is good but sometimes takes 1 hour is it's too busy.

A view from the hotel I stayed, Sha He Lou Hotel

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