Friday, February 17, 2012

Brunei: Day 3

After a very hectic schedule sight seeing in the city, my host Aimi invited me to go to their house. It was located in a subdivision provided by the government. I was impressed by the simple architecture yet classy and spacious. You can see two or three cars in every car park of each houses. This is by the way Brunei, an oil-rich country. You can sense the comfort of living by merely seeing those houses. Centralized airconditioning in almost all houses, Big LCD Screens , Modern cars: all these Bruneians enjoy even if they are just plain government employees. How I wish it's the same in the Philippines.

After visiting my host's house I went back to my hotel. I took the bus and I moved to another hotel in Downtown Bandar. Bus fare was only 1 BND (Brunei dollar).

The walk bridge that is significant in Bandar

This is the Central Bus Station
 After checking in a Cheap hotel 60BND ( approx. 1950 php per night)-the cheapest in the area, I relaxed for a while. After a short nap and a shower, I walked around the neighborhood. From the hotel, you can see the river just across the street and a flea market. Tall buildings and a Mall were just beside the hotel.

A view from the hotel room

Water taxi

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