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Malaysia: Christmas Eve in Kota Kinabalu

It was December 24, 2009. I took the 330 PM Flight of Malaysian Airlines from Cebu direct to Kota Kinabalu. It was a day before Christmas; so sad to leave home but it was the nth time I did not celebrate Christmas at home. And this time to a non-Christian land.
My itinerary was really to go to Brunei. I did not have a concrete plan on what to do there. Just for curiosity so there I was at about past 7 PM standing already in the Kota Kinabalu Airport.

Upon arriving KK, I called up my contact Ate Josie. I knew her from people I asked in Brunei on whom and where to stay in KK. Ate Josie is a Filipina married to a Malaysian. She uses her home to as a transient house for people going and leaving KK and Brunei. She charges around 500 php per night (inclusive meals and pick-up/ send off to the airport).

They (Ate Josie and husband) picked me up at around 730 and told me we have to go to the budget terminal to pick some more Pinoys taking the Cebu Pacific Air from Clark. I greeted them Merry Christmas since it was already Christmas eve. After picking up some guests we went to their house.

Her house had 4 rooms and each room had double deck beds that could accommodate 6 people. The aircon was not that cool. Bathroom was shared with HOT shower Western style. After laying my baggage I went downstairs and met fellow Pinoys and we took our early dinner of Chicken adobo and Mixed vegies.

Almost all Pinoys who were there were bound for Brunei. They were just on vacation leave and had to go back to work, while others were first timers who were trying their luck in Brunei. They asked me what I was doing there. I told them just for tourism. We talked for a while while dining and I asked everybody what were their plans for Christmas Eve. They all said that they would just sleep. I understood the situation. So I asked Ate Josie's helper and some first-timers that we go to the nearest Supermarket and buy something. It was Christmas time; as a Filipino tradition that we should celebrate.

In the Supermarket we were talking what would we cook for that evening. I suggested we would just prepare Pansit and maybe Adobo. I forgot that there was no pork (it's Malaysia) so instead I got chicken- good for me since I do not eat pork too-, some chicken hotdogs, cheese, bread, some soft drinks and some beer as well as fresh apples, oranges and grapes. After getting the bill it was only about 200 MYR . I paid it with my credit card since I did not want to use my cash.

We went home and those other guests at home helped in preparing the food. When it was about 1130 midnight we greeted everyone a Merry Christmas and joined our simple get-together-late-dinner. Ate Josie gave us some cans of beer.

For me it was my most meaningful Christmas ever. For just about a few thousand pesos I made everybody happy.

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Ate Josie in black shirt
After a late dinner we shared the wine and some had already rested. I learned that 3 Pinoys were going to Brunei in early morning. They are agoing there by boat. Upon hearing it I said if it is okay if I would go with them since I had no plans whatsoever. We just finished some beer and rested for while for an early morning trip to Brunei.

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  1. Is it possible for me to know her contact number?I'll be going to KK this December 2014 as well.Please let me know.Thanks