Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brunei: Last Day, a Day Before New Year

It was my last day in Brunei as I planned to go back to Kota Kinabalu already. I went to this Filipino store selling Philippine made products, Konica and Natasha and invited the staff to have lunch in a Chinese restaurant.

Fresh Kiwifruit juice for a rice with beef rendang

 After lunch we went back to their shop and talked. They also invited me to go to their rented apartment for the Media Noche. They said there will be plenty of Filipinos coming so I was excited to go also. Besides my trip was at 2 am yet. ( I would be goint back to KK by land-over 6 hours. I contacted Ate Josie , they were in Brunei also. And her driver would be going back to KK. So I would be going with them. For 150 BND, that was just right even if it was a 6 hour trip. )

After chatting I went up to my hotel room to pack up my things and rested. By 8 pm I checked out and went to their apartment to meet fellow Pinoys. We heard mass at 9 PM in the Church. After mass we went back to the apartment and shared the food they had prepared. I was amazed how were they able to have a Lechon. Although it was only the Pig's head, everybody enjoyed. And there were plenty of alcohol.  So i really believed in Filipinos abroad. If there is a will there is a way.

When it was about 1 am, my pick up arrived. Had to leave Brunei already. I thanked everyone and said Good Luck and wished them a Happy New Year.

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