Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brunei to Kota Kinabalu: By Land

After being picked up by ate Josie's driver, we went to their house in Brunei. There were plenty of food also. I was  already full so I just took some tea. She told me we would be leaving at around 5 am yet. I wanted to sleep but there were plenty of guests singing the Videoke. I just sat in the sofa waiting for our trip. When its was about 5 am the driver arrived together with two Pinoy kids who will be going back to Philippines also. They spent their holidays in Brunei with their parents who were working there. So I sat in front while the two kids were at the back seat. The start of a 6 hour trip started. Our driver was friendly so I just kept on talking even though my eyes were closed to keep him awake.

I woke up when we reached the border between Brunei and Sabah Malaysia which was Temburong. (In going to Malaysia you have to pass about 4-5 border patrols, so expect 5-6 Immigration stamps on your passports too. )

At around 930 am we arrived Kota Kinabalu. We went straight to Ate Josie's House in Penumpang. I slept and woke up at around 4 in the afternoon. Had to take shower and ate lunch. After that I walked around the nearby shopping mall.

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