Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brunei: Night Life

There is not much night life in Brunei. There are only few  videoke bars and you will be served with an energy drink. Beer and tobacco are prohibited in there. But there are some where you can buy at a hefty sum. So most people stay in coffee bars and restaurant doing Wifi mostly owned by Chinese.

Most Bruneian people love NASI KATOK. This is a piece of Fried Chicken with a scoop of rice with a dip mixture of shrimp sauce with chili. It costs only 1 BND ( approx. 33 php). In Chinese restaurants you can choose plenty of menu. But since this is a Muslim country pork is a BIG NO.

After the Kampung Ayer tour I went back to the hotel to freshen up. Since there was no WIFI in the hotel I went to a Cafe and Restaurant and had dinner while checking emails.

Dinner with Chicken satay , rice wrapped in coconut leaves and a Mixed fruit shake. (90 BND) ata cafe owned by an Indian. I forgot the name.

After dinner I took a walk in the city. You could count the cars passing. Literally the streets were empty.


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