Sunday, December 18, 2011

CAMBODIA: Exploring the Country

I have been to Cambodia three (3) times actually. The first one was crossing the border between Vietnam and Cambodia (MOCBAI) and went to some strips of Casino around the area. Went inside Le Macau. What was good was you can just get inside and eat; BUFFET STYLE for FREE. Since there were plenty of  "GAME DEALERS" approaching you after eating, it was quite shameful if you would just get out , I bought some chips worth about 100 USD. Went to the slot machine machine for about an hour ignoring the time and after losing about USD 10, I left. Went to the other casino. 'Twas actually casino-sight-seeing-hopping.

 This is the MocBai (Border)- Many Vietnamese go this other part of the border to play in the strips of casino in the area.
 Service vans of  Casinos waiting for guests from the border ( Free pick up/ send off )

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