Monday, December 26, 2011

SINGAPORE: First Attempt in the Changi Airport to Board the Flight Back Home

Since our flight was about 8 in the morning, we decided to leave Potong Pasir at around 4- 430 am. We hailed a taxi. In Singapore they have different charges for daytime and  nightime. Aside from the usual charge, they will ask you for overtime charge from 12 midnight to 6 in the morning. I forgot how much was the additional. I
remembered I paid around 70- 80 SGD to the airport.
Went directly to the check in counter of Silk Air. The counter opened at 530. We were the first on line. When they opened for check in, I gave them our e-tickets. The Singaporean girl told me we had no confirmation yet. But i told her  I had arranged it already when we were still in Cebu bound for Singapore and in fact I showed to her that we paid the re-validation fee od USD 120 for the 3 of us. She insisted that we did not have confirmation and we had to wait if there would be vacant seats to accommodate us (it was a fully booked flight ).  OH WTF, I told her we had to be back home since we had office on Monday and I had to attend a very important meeting. Many passengers where already queuing. after an hour I went back again and asked if we could be boarded, she said we had to wait until the last passenger would check-in. ..This could not be.....
I asked if they could re-schedule our flight via Singapore to Manila thru Singapore Airlines and they said No because Singapore airlines was different. We just waited until there were no more passengers , ( deep inside I already had premonitions that we could not get to that flight) I approached again the counter. the lady told me "Oh why were you late in approaching me when the gates were already closing"; Oh, son of a gun, we were just beside the counter why did she not call us. She told us to just come back the next day and try again if there would be available seats. What the F..k... We had no choice. Went to Philippine Airlines Office in Terminal 2 and asked for available flight, still it was fully booked.
It was about 930 am we decided to go back to Potong Pasir and tried our luck again the next day. Since Steven was in the apartment because it was Sunday, he offered to take us to Little India.

The lesson I learned from that Singapore trip was: If buying ticket from a travel agency, make sure it is CONFIRMED. The dates when leaving and date of return. Never try being wait-listed especially if you are traveling out of the country. It could be very costly and tiresome. From that experience, now every time I travel  I already book tickets on-line. Also you should scrutinize your ticket especially if trabel time is past midnight. I will elaborate that later on our 3rd and last attempt..hahahhaa, so there was still a 2nd attempt.

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