Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HONGKONG: Reminiscing my Youth @ DISNEYLAND

The next day after arriving, we woke up quite late already at past 11 am. For breakfast, we toasted some bread, opened a can of corned beef  and a glass of orange juice  then off we took the MTR station which was about 4 corners from where we stayed. Got single journey tickets to Tung Chung Line, cost was about 11.25 HKD each. From Tung Chung changed to Disney Resort Line. When we came out of the train, I could feel the winter breeze passing by my face. Although it was very sunny , you could not feel the heat.  The BIG welcome sign made me giggle , that at last, I would see Mickey Mouse. Disneyland was built about 2005/ 2006 yet so the 3 times I went to HK, it was not there yet.

My mother on board the Disney train

Disney Parade
 Although the Disneyland Park was designed basically for children, you could see everyone young and old alike enjoying every ride as well as the ambiance. In there it was like reminiscing my younger days when we would go to Carnival and parks.

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