Saturday, December 24, 2011

SINGAPORE: Unforgettable Holyweek in 2008

Went to our travel agent  and asked for any available tours to Hongkong for the upcoming Holy Week. They could not find any since all flights were sold out. Instead they recommended us to Singapore. Since we had not been to Singapore yet so we booked. Firstly the entire family was supposed to go there but since our mother's passport was not ready yet, on the last minute we decided to go there ( my sister, aunt and I only).
We scheduled it from Wednesday  and be back on Sunday, but the travel agency said , the only available flight back was on Monday. We booked Silk-air flight from Cebu to Singapore and the cost was around 14,500 round trip including travel tax.
Upon checking in Cebu Airport, I already asked the Silk-air office that we want to change the return flight to Sunday since we have work on Monday. I was told to pay around 150 USD or something for the change of schedule. The problem was we had no seat allocated/ not confimed yet. The sales agent told me just to go to the Airport early so we be given priority- in short wait-listed. Thinking everything was okay we boarded but it turned out it was a horrible return trip. (I will elaborate later so as not to spoil our holiday).

(My aunt and sister) I liked Silk Air's inflight service. The food was great plus they gave out souvenir items.

When we arrived Singapore in Terminal 2, we were met by Steven and Marissa (our hosts  for that Holiday). We stayed in Potong Pasir.
Treated for dinner upon arriving @ their flat in Potong Pasir.
My first taste of Sweet Coconut water- quite different in taste- much sweeter Philippine Young coconut water
 Chili sauce- a must in every Singaporean dish- perhaps with Indian inspiration. My first taste, I had sweated and perspired so hard and  drank a lots of water. 
 Singapore's Tiger Beer- so strong but still I love Philippine's SMB (No match)

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