Monday, December 26, 2011

SINGAPORE: Second Attempt to board SILK-AIR bound to Cebu

Since I was very eager to go back home, I did not sleep the entire Sunday night. I just waited and kept on looking at the clock. When it was about 4 am, I woke up my aunt and sister. We went down, but there was no taxi. fortunately there was this restaurant nearby where we ate our dinner when we first arrived and the good old Indian man recognized us. He opened 24 hours. Asked us where we were going. when he learned we were heading to the airport, he said we could not catch a TAXI there. He called from his celfone and within 5 minutes a TAXI arrived. Well we thanked him and boarded the taxi. We arrived at the airport at about 435 am. Again we lined our baggage in the Check-in counter of Silk Air.
We were waiting and I was looking for the girl I talked yesterday. Unfortunately it was a different woman. Again, the same answer I got when I presented our tickets. We had to wait for the last passenger. WOW..THIS is HORRIFIC. When the last passenger checked-in, I was called. Again I was happy because back in my mind we could finally board. The sad news was, ONLY TWO PASSENGERS COULD BOARD. What about the other one, since there were THREE OF US. I told my sister and aunt if they were willing to go first...hahaha. The problem was , it was their first time to travel abroad. They were afraid they might get lost and in the immigration they might be interrogated. I told them there would be no problem since we were already returning home.Hesitant as they were, I understood, but what if I will go first? It would be worse. So I asked the lady in the counter about our situation. I even pleaded to accommodate us three even if I would just sit on the isle. She told us to decide since the gates were already closing. I told her we had to travel together. Whoahhhh....That time lady was more accommodating. She told us to take the 11 am Singapore Airlines via Manila then Manila to Cebu and  I asked how much was the fare, she said it was 300 USD each. OH WOWOWOWW...It was more expensive than out two way trip which was USD 265. She politely apologized that we would try the third time on Tuesday morning and for us to be boarded we had to take either the two first or me alone. WHOAAAAHH>>What a horrific experience....we had no choice, I called up Marissa informing that we were not boarded. She told us to go back to Potong Pasir and will try for Cebu Pacific.
We boarded again the taxi and it cost us almost 60 SGD.
     When we arrived in their apartment, my aunt and sister rested. They slept. Marissa and I went to Lucky Plaza. We went to this Filipino Travel agent. We asked if there was available flight in the evening. She said it was fully booked. But if we where willing to pay around Php 7500 each, she could get three tickets. Without any thinking , I said okay I would get it. Fortunately she accepted credit card. When she gave us the e-ticket I was relieved. Th flight was at 1200 midnight yet so we still had time. Went back to Potong Pasir and rested. 

At about 8 Pm we again took a TAXI bound to the airport. Did not know that Cebu Pacific was in Budget Terminal. We got off at the same terminal building for Silk Air. When I saw from the LED Display sign that it was in the Budget terminal,, I asked somebody and told us to go down and took the shuttle to the Budget terminal. It was really very hassle since we had plenty of bags. we waited for the shuttle to arrive. Boarded and there we were at the Budget terminal. It was very much different from the Terminal 2. Simple yet clean building. Many passengers were already queuing. Our initial flight was supposed to be at 1245 am, was delayed for about an hour. We arrived in Mactan International Airport at about past 545 am. After getting our checked-in baggage , boarded a TAXI and went straight to Pier 1 for a ferry to Tagbilaran City. Whoah.. It was indeed a very  cumbersome and learning travel experience.

Lesson Learned: Promo tickets are non -transferable, non-refundable. Check if tickets are confirmed ( although most airlines now do not issue unconfirmed tickets , also THERE IS NO FREE STUFF in Budget Airlines, even water ). Also if flight is past midnight, say, 00:50 Dec. 24, 2011, you should be in the airport at 10 pm Dec. 23. When we took the Cebu Pacific Air flight back to Cebu, there was this Filipino Family who overlooked their flight schedule. They came to the airport a day after their schedule. Check-in time, they were told to buy new tickets. The woman cried. There were 5 of them. Since it was boarding time, we just felt sorry for them. I felt pity to THEM because I know how expensive the ticket is if you buy it on the day you are leaving. In our case I was still grateful to Silk Air because after months of complaining, I was refunded the FULL AMOUNT OF UNUSED TICKET AND THE RE-BOOKING FEE. In fact they even wrote me a letter informing that next time I will take Silk Air , they will upgrade me to Business Class even if I but economy class. Well that was nice to hear. :)

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