Thursday, December 22, 2011

THAILAND: First Time to the Amazing Land

Cebu Pacific launched its direct Cebu to Bangkok 3x a week trip in 2008 around March ( Unfortunately after two months of operation, it was stopped (maybe there were few passengers only ) , so I grabbed the opportunity to get its SEAT SALE. For me it is more convenient to fly directly from Cebu than going to Manila. Also booked a ticket from Air asia from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh, had to meet somebody in Saigon for a business venture. ( Did not quite know yet that there was a more thrilling adventure trip from Thailand to Cambodia then Vietnam - more on my third trip to Vietnam with my Mom and Aunt ). Stayed in Sukhumvit Area in Bangkok for about 3 days.

 @Mactan International Airport , Cebu City Check in Counter

 Two Thai Boxers I met while waiting for the flight; the black and blue on one of the boxer's face was very obvious; they told me they lost to our Pinoy boxers

 @the Bangkok Airport Baggage Claim carousel

From the airport, took a taxi to Sukhumvit area. Almost all hotels were full. Finally found a guest house, Soi 1 Guest House. A dormitory aircon- room type with common bathroom owned by an Australian married to a local Thai. It was quite cheap at 450 baht per night. After leaving my bags, we proceeded to WHERE ELSE BUT PATPONG DISTRICT since it was still 12 midnight. Went  to Mc Donalds taking some burger  with cousin Engr. Locdoy ( who worked in Bangkok ) who met me @Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. After some bite, proceeded to take a peak at the FAMOUS DICTRICT.

So Here I was in Patpong...

The night was very lively and lovely. The neon lights, the loud music and the GIRLS inviting every customer to take a peep on what was going on inside. Some were posting prices of Beer like 150- 250. We walked for a while when we saw that Beer was only 100 baht with free "show". Out of curiousity, we went inside. Seen plenty of girls dancing on top of the stage. Gyrating to a very sexy music. A lady came to us asking for our order. I ordered 2 bottles of Thai Beer. After a few minutes a lady announced the start of the show. One lady naked dancing on top of the stage holding a bottle of beer. We were sitting on a bar-type stage so everything is quite clear and vivid what she was doing. She came to a customer beside us. Grabbed the cigarette the man was holding and the lighter. She opened the bottle then drank a few gulps. She then lighted the cigarette and after exhaling some smoke , put the cigarette in her was really smoking..bwahahha.., after that act  we witnessed the "PINGPONG SHOW"- hahaha so that was "IT"? After the show, a bartender approached me and gave  me our BILL. It was 5,000 baht. WHAT? 5K ? I raised my voice.  5K for two bottles of beer, when they advertised outside that beer was only for 100 baht each. He said in Thai it was for the show. 2400 each for the show and 2 beers @ 100.

I still  remembered what I read from the Lonely Planet guide book that in case you get into trouble, you can ask help from tourist police. So I told the bartender I will call the TOURIST POLICE. After hearing those words he got my 2 - 100 baht bill and pushed us outside and SAID ," YOU GO, YOU GO..". Picked up the unfinished bottle and went outside... Bwahaha.. Oh what a very funny experience..It was already past 2 am and I was already tired , so i went back to the guest house and my cousin went home because he still had a work @ 8 am. The was a very good learning experience to call it a FIRST NIGHT in Bangkok.

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