Sunday, December 18, 2011

CAMBODIA: A Road Trip to Phnom Penh

On my second trip to Vietnam that was around May of 2008, I already scheduled for a Pnom Penh side trip. Researching before hand about what can be seen in PP,  I heard about Pol Pot ( The Asian Hitler), the Russian Market, the genocide Museum and all.
Went to Duong Khoi (Duong means street) where the strips of travel agencies can be found. Bought a ticket for a 9 am bus for Pnom Penh. Ticket was only USD 10. Travel time was approximately 6 hours. Inside the bus I was the only Asian looking since all were mostly whites. There was a free bottled water and the bus had its own shared toilet.

On board the bus for about 4 hours, we stopped by Pier to cross the MEKONG River. I met two tourists, one from Hongkong and another from Belgium. We chatted for the rest of the ride.

After two hours more, finally we arrived Pnom Penh. Went to a local currency changer and had some food.

Cambodian riel

After eating, we strolled the long stretch of the Tonle Sap . In the Riverside there were plenty of bars and restaurants. Each took a bottle of beer.  Later did I find out that US dollars were accepted more than Vietnam dong; aside from that most people (younger) can speak fluent English and very good French. When it was about 10PM we (together with my busmates from HK and Belgium ) looked for a hotel. There were plenty of hotels in Pnom Penh. We went to a hotel near the market area. It was a modest hotel with hot shower, aircon and cable tv for only USD 12. We  split the bill so we paid each only USD4. We were all tired and slept.  

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