Sunday, December 25, 2011

SINGAPORE: A Day Trip to Sentosa Island

           We woke up @ about 9 am. Just had some energy drink .We asked Steven where we could change money. He gave me instructions. I just relied on my TRAVEL GUIDE. He left  and said we will just follow him.
No idea where to go, I just read the map and look at where is the nearest MTR Station which was Potong Pasir. When we were near the MTR station I remembered something, we had no Singapore dollar. How could we buy train tickets. I forgot to change from the airport the other night because we were fetched by Steven and Marissa. I asked the train information counter but the man said they could not change. He said to go to Orchard Road but the problem was how could we go there.
         I tried my luck. I saw and old woman who was smartly dressed. I approached her and said if she could change USD to Singapore dollar. Told her we could not buy tickets and we just arrived last night. Fortunately she was generous enough gave me 10 SGD; a good samaritan indeed. I did not know yet how was the ticket. Upon checking from the ticket booth it was 2.50 SGD each so the 10 SGD given to us by the old lady was just enough. When we arrive Orchard road I looked for the building Steven told us. It was an Indian Bank I learned later where he was working. We asked the guard to call him. After a few minutes he came. he took us to a money changer. He was surprised how where we able to to to his office. I told him everything. We were going to Sentosa Island.

 After changing money, we went to this building for the Cable Car Station. Bought a package tour ticket consisting of round trip cable car, the ocean adventure, the Sky Luge , some rides and others . It cost about 69 SGD each. 

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