Monday, December 26, 2011


After a very tiring Friday  walk, we were to scheduled to meet our cousin in SUNTEC PLAZA. Did not know where will he take us to that day.
Went to Suntec Plaza at about 9 am. He arrived around 930.  He brought us near to the EXIT GATE of the left side of the Building. It was a Tour Agency. What came to my mind was he was either going to bring us to Johor Bahru or to Batam Indonesia since I told him I wanted to go there for cheap shopping.
We went to the counter and got 3 tickets he reserved yesterday. It was DUCK TOUR. On my first impression , it was something like he would be taking us to a bird sanctuary where there were plenty of ducks.
He led us outside where tourists were waiting also. A very long queue. Then one by one about 3 colorful buses arrived painted with yellow and red. The top part was open. A big sign DUCK TOUR was on it. Really had no idea where we were heading. When the conductor said it was boarding time, we got up on the bus. Our cousin told us he would wait in the cafe nearby. The tour would take about an hour. When everyone was boarded, a tour guide explained about the tour. Told us some safety measures. Later did I know that the bus was an amphibian bus. IT COULD ALSO FLOAT IN WATER.As we were traversing the major roads of Singapore, a guide would tell us some of the significant places and events. Until we reached near Marina Bay, a sloped portion of the docking are, the bus rolled down. Some had shouted because we were heading to the river. When the two front tires of the bus touched the waters, we floated. We could hear that the bus driver changed the speed of the engine. So we just enjoyed the view of Marina Bay.
 In Suntec Plaza, forn the tickets to the Tour

 On board the amphibian bus
 A view from the bus

 The Singapore Flyer ( It was not yet operational when we were there,only  about a month after )

 Merlion, a view from the Bay

 The Sands was still under construction that time

 The tour guide
 Rowers by the bay

 Condo units by the bay

After the duck tour, we met again our cousin and had taken  late lunch. Went again for some late shopping and roam around the Orchard road. At about 8 pm we went back to Potong Pasir. Our flight would be 8 in the morning Easter Sunday. We packed and rested. 

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