Monday, December 26, 2011

SINGAPORE: A Tour to Teo Payoh, Little India and the taste of Prata

When we arrived back from the airport, we did not unpack our baggage. Steven invited us to go to Teo Payoh and  Little India. Since we had no choice but to try again the next day, we went with  him. And so it was Little India, Plenty of Indians, hahaha..Steven  brought us to one of his favorite resto and ordered Prata. Didn't know what was it. MY first time to hear such food. When it was served , twas like a pancake. The sauce, you can choose either Cheese, with meat etc and lots of CHILI. But Honestly, I loved it. My first time also to taste ICED MILK TEA.


So this is PRATA..It is like Pancake with no flavor. The flavor comes from the sauce that you like with lot and lots of chili. The spicier the sauce, the more you will want for more. Be sure you have plenty of water beside you...:)

After eating Prata in Teo Payoh, went to Little India. Did not take long there. Went sight seeing and shopping. Just walking for about 2 hours until we reached Singapore Botanical Gardens. Went inside, since it was past 7 pm it was almost dark. Just saw some of the BONSAI and art works.

After getting inside the Botanical Garden for about an hour, we were already hungry. We just walked to the nearest MTR station and enjoyed the facade of the buildings at night. Saw Mc Donalds and ate there. ( Since Steven is an Indian  never enters MC DONALDS ), in that case he went inside with us but did not eat anything nor drink. Realizing about it, I told them to hurry and went out. It took another 30 minutes to the nearest MTR Station. Went back to Potong Pasir and rested for the next day's second attempt to board the flight back home.

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