Thursday, December 22, 2011

THAILAND: Visit to Wat (Temple) PO and the Grand Royal Palace

After watching last night's Muay Thai Fights, woke up early morning. Plan for the day was to visit to WAT's (Temples) and the Royal Grand Palace. David, the owner of the guest house advised me to get a local Thai guide to go there since it was somehow a holiday in Bangkok and the traffic was very busy. He recommended to take a WATER TAXI. Since the place is just a few meters away from the River. (It's like Pasig river actually). He had an errand boy who does not speak English, I just told David to tell him where I will be going. Later on, the problem was I was more of his tour guide than he guiding me because I learned that he just arrived to the city the same day I checked in the guest house. He came from a Northern Province. Whoa...We communicated through a sign language and thru the Thai- English Dictionary I brought..Anyway, he was much help when we got the ticket to the Grand Palace because for Thais , it was for free. The queue was very long being a holiday. And he talked to the man in the booth and gave me the ticket. I did not have to go to the line for foreigners. I just followed him inside. And the  tour of the Grand Palace began.

The Guest House errand boy cum " tour guide" THON

 Palace Guard

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